Consultations are Complementary and Recommended.
(All prices are starting prices.)

Minors over 13 years of age must have parental consent


Aromatherapy    $10
Hand or Foot Scrub  $10 either or $15 Both
​Salt & Fresh Lemon foot Detox $10 


**Do I have to be undressed?

You can be undressed to your level of comfort. Although different, massage can still be beneficial when done fully clothed. Most people prefer to undress down to undergarments. The entire massage treatment is very simple with no surprises.

** Will I be Exposed at any point?

No! Massage Therapy is a very modest practice. Comfortably snug draping is used with a sheet and blanket. The Therapist will step in and out of the room leaving you to privately dress. The only exposed areas are the ones being worked on at the time. (The buttocks are worked on through the sheet) 

**Do I have to be in a certain position? 

No we have various different ways to do massage. Massage positions can be customized based on need.  We have  table and chair massage. Any position that  might be painful can be changed or adjusted. 

** Am I a good candidate  for massage, will it hurt? 

Practically everyone is a great candidate for massage. Pressure, lubrication and positioning can all be adjusted for comfort. Massage is designed to heal the body and nothing should cause additional lasting pain or hurt during the procedure. If you have serious health concerns it is always recommended that you ask your doctor prior to any massage service. 

Valentino's Salon & Spa 

At Valentino's we strive to meet the individual needs of each client, whether treating chronic pain , or simply promoting relaxation. We believe massage is a therapeutic personal experience that anyone will benefit from.  Our goal is to help our clients feel and perform at their best.


S​30 MIN    $45

60 MIN    $75

 90 MIN    $100 

120 MIN    $120


15 MIN    $20

30 MIN     $30


30 MIN    $35

60 MIN   $60

90 MIN    $80

120 MIN    $95


Purchase multiple massages for a discount and save. 

Package of 2 - 60 MIN  @ $65 ea  (save $20)  $130

       Package of 5 - 60 MIN  @ $55 ea  (SAVE $100)  $275

       Package of 10 - 60 MIN  @ $45 ea  (SAVE $300)  $450

Package of  2 - 90 MIN  @ $90 ea  (SAVE $20)  $180

Package of  5 - 90 MIN  @ $80 ea  (SAVE $100)  $400

Package of 10 - 90 MIN  @ $70 ea  (SAVE $300)  $700

 Aromatherapy Embellishments purchase 4 for $20 get one FREE